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29-09-2021 Open Access

Assessing anger and irritability in children: psychometric evaluation and normative data for the German version of the PROMIS® Parent Proxy Anger Scale

Quality of Life Research
Anne Kaman, Christiane Otto, Janine Devine, Michael Erhart, Manfred Döpfner, Tobias Banaschewski, Anja Görtz-Dorten, Charlotte Hanisch, Michael Kölch, Veit Roessner, Ulrike Ravens-Sieberer
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Anger and irritability are common and impairing symptoms in children. The PROMIS Anger scales assess self- and parent-reported irritable and angry mood over the past 7 days. The aim of this study was to evaluate the psychometric properties of the German version of the PROMIS Parent Proxy Short Form v1.0—Anger and to provide normative data.


To evaluate the psychometric properties, data from the study ADOPT Epidemiology were used. In this study, the PROMIS Anger Scale was administered to a population-based sample of n = 8746 parents of children aged 8–12 years. Psychometric analyses were carried out including the investigation of distribution characteristics, factor structure, model fit, internal consistency, and congruent validity. Normative data were calculated as percentile ranks and T-scores.


The PROMIS Anger Scale demonstrated good psychometric properties, including satisfactory distribution characteristics, unidimensionality, good internal consistency as well as congruent validity. German normative data for the PROMIS Anger Scale are presented.


Based on first psychometric analyses, the German version of the PROMIS Anger Scale can be recommended for use in research and practice; however, further investigations using clinical data are needed. The normative data will allow researchers and clinicians an interpretation of the test scores in future applications.

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