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15-02-2018 | Review Article | Uitgave 4/2018 Open Access

Netherlands Heart Journal 4/2018

A clinical approach to arrhythmias revisited in 2018

From ECG over noninvasive and invasive electrophysiology to advanced imaging

Netherlands Heart Journal > Uitgave 4/2018
L. Jordaens


Understanding arrhythmias and their treatment is not always easy. The current straightforward approach with catheter ablation and device therapy is an amazing achievement, but does not make management of underlying or other cardiac disease and pharmacological therapy unnecessary. The goal of this paper is to describe how much of the knowledge of the 1980s and early 1990s can and should still be applied in the modern treatment of patients with arrhythmias. After an introduction, this review will focus on paroxysmal atrial fibrillation and a prototype of ‘idiopathic’ ventricular arrhythmias, two diseases with a striking similarity, and will discuss the arrhythmogenesis. The ECG continues to play an important role in diagnostics. Both diseases are associated with a structurally normal heart; the autonomic nervous system plays an important role in triggering arrhythmias at both the atrial and ventricular level.

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